Christian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour in Youpiyou 510

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Today, let me share with y'all the most expensive lipstick in my stash (and perhaps in the entire beauty industry) at US$90 per tube. It's from Christian Louboutin and everything about it spells luxury at its finest!

 First of all, let me just say how jaw-dropping gorgeous is the packaging of this lipstick. It is gold and has a glossy finish to it that represents the formula of the lipstick (silky satin). Even the box that houses the lipstick looks so regal.  It even has a small pouch that I can use to protect the lipstick from scratches when I carry it inside my bag. It also comes with a beige strand that I can use in case I want to hang this lipstick on my neck as an accessory (which I would probably never do).

Now, let's talk about the formula of this bad boy. I own lipsticks from designer brands like Chanel, Tom Ford, YSL and Guerlain, but nothing beats this Christian Louboutin one. The formula of this lipstick is insane! I can have the driest lips on planet and put this on without priming my lips with a balm or a primer, and this lipstick would still glide like butter on my lips. It is very creamy and very moisturizing as well. I thought my Tom Ford lipsticks were the best, but this is wayyy better!

The pigmentation is also out-of-this-world. I have this in the shade Youpiyou and it is a gorgeous bold warm red with a nice sheen to it. I normally don't lean on reds but this absolutely won my heart. I just love how crisp it is and how it's really a stunning color. It may not be that unique of a color, but the formula just makes this lipstick extra special. I also like how this compliments my warm undertones.


In action!

Also I think it's worth mentioning that the name of the lipstick shade is written just on the box and no where on the lipstick itself. That's why I keep my Christian Louboutin lipsticks on their respective boxes so I can easily tell them apart (I also reviewed Impera).

Now, do I think this lipstick is worth US$90? I'd say it's worth the splurge because I find that the formula is way superior than anything that I've tried so far. Plus, the packaging is such a masterpiece on its own.

How about you? What do you think?

Kiss Kiss,
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