Essie Lady Like Nail Polish

11:02 PM

On most days, I paint my nails with bright, attention-seeking colors. But on days where I need to add a dash of sophistication to my nails without looking over-the-top, I stick to neutral, soft tones. One particular shade that I enjoy using lately is Essie Lady Like Nail Polish.

Essie Lady Like is a muted mauve-y gray creme polish that changes tones depending on how the light hits it. It can be a bit more pink under low light and appear more slate under natural light. It's a no-fussy color. You can be wearing any outfit or celebrating any occasion and this rocking this color. It's also the kind of shade that I think would look fabulous across a wide range of skin tones.

Formula wise, Essie Lady Like is a joy to apply. It's thick without being goopey, goes streak-free, opaque in two coats and dries in a tick. The wear is absolutely great as well. I had it on for 5 days with just trifling signs of wear. 

Essie Lady Like in action!

Over all, I love this color so much. It's a staple in my nail polish collection and I would re-order a bottle every time I ran out over and over again!


Kiss Kiss,
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