Garnier Light Complete Night Restore Multi-Action Whitening Cream

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When my skin had finally recovered from a horrifying episode of acne attack (thank God!), the next thing in my priority list was to lighten those equally petrifying dark spots that they left behind. Dealing with post-acne marks can quite suck up all the patience (and confidence) in your bloodstream, but with the right regimen (and attitude), saying goodbye to dark spots in as easy as making a tea.

Just like in any battlefield, it is essential to find the right weapon to ensure victory. Mind you, I've tried a good number of face creams - both drugstore and high-end, and there are a few which are noteworthy. One of which is Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Night Restore Cream.

Let me first tell you how I discovered this product. I was ranting my disappointment with a high-end cream that I've been using for a while with one of my bffs. And like any true friend, she recommended one of her holy-grail products - Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Night Restore Cream instead to me. I can still vividly remember how she raved about this cream the entire time. If I didn't know what we're talking about beforehand, I might have thought she was referring to a mystical magical cream. In short, she vouched her life for it. And her undying praise for this product made me get it right after finishing my cup of tea. 

Little did I know that after weeks of using this cream, I'll be sitting in front of my laptop and jotting words of hail about this product on my blog. Yes, it works marvelously and saying that I'm high-over-heels in love with this cream is indeed the understatement of the year.

Product description: "Discover New Garnier Light Complete Night Restore Cream, the new complete whitening night cream from Garnier with potent ingredients from natural origin."

Active ingredients: (1) Pure Lemon Essence and Natural Peeling Fruit Extract help provide an intensive exfoliation over night. (2) Long Dan Extract with Vitamin C help lighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots.

My take: For starters, this cream smells fantastic. Its refreshing citrus-y scent never fails to sooth my skin (and mood) every time. Also, the consistency is just right - not too liquid-y nor too heavy, making it easily absorbed onto the skin. More importantly, it leaves the skin hydrated and smooth to touch, without looking oily (and yucky). But the best part is it really works in lightening my dark spots - some of which even disappeared totally. I also pointed out a gazillion times already how sensitive my skin is, and this product didn't break me out. 

I have naturally fair skin, and dark spots can easily take away its spotlight. Good thing I am now armed with Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Night Restore Cream to get rid of even the most perverse dark spot. It's my ultimate whitening cream because it lets me wake up to a more radiant-looking skin every time. On that note, it is now a staple in my everyday skin care routine and I would recommend this to anybody in a heart beat! It works wonders, easily accessible and will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Here's a quick swatch! See how lightweight that looks!

And now, here it is spread all over my face!

Garnier Light Complete Night Restore Multi-Action Whitening Cream costs Php259.00/50ml and Php99/20ml. It's available in all leading department stores, Watsons and supermarkets nationwide.

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Have you tried Garnier products too? Share your thoughts and your faves!

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