Check Out My New Hair Color Courtesy Of L'Oreal and Regine's Salon! #WearYourColorProud

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Truth be told, I'm a novice in the hair coloring department - either DIY or professionally done. You see, I have jet black hair and despite receiving a gazillion comments from friends (and random people) that getting a warmer hair color would suit me (read:my skin tone) better, I was still hesitant to dive into the idea. 

For the longest time, I remained hesitant. Little did I know that it would only took one really bad day for me to finally try coloring my hair, DIY style. The initial result was love. The only downside was the color started fading in weeks. Sad, but true.

So I vouched to have my hair professionally dyed next time. And that next time turned out to be damn sweeter because I was able to share the experience with one of my readers. Yey!

The magic happened at one of the most trusted salons in the Metro, Regine's. 

Together with Rosanna, the mom of Yna - my L'Oreal #WearYourColorProud giveaway winner (she gave her prize to her mom - such a sweetie!), we sat on our respective chairs and let the highly skilled people at Regine's choose the right shade for us. They opted to use L'Oreal INOA on us.

And after about 1 1/2 hours, my hair was transformed impeccably! Love how the color added warmth to my skin, plus it made my hair appear healthy-looking and super shiny!

Say hello to Rosanna's new hair color too! No more visible white hairs for her, yey!

Now if you want to have you hair colored too, make sure to let only the professionals handle your hair and take advantage of this exclusive offer from L'Oreal together with their partner salons.

Know more about this exclusive offer HERE or like L'Oreal Professionnel Philippines on Facebook.


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