Kérastase Chroma Captive For Colored Hair

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I never had my hair colored. I just felt that it would be too much for me to handle (and to take care of). But for those with colored hair, well heads up because the multi-award winning and celebrated Kérastase Reflection range is proud to unveil Chroma Captive, a new hair care system to help protect colour intensity for up to 40 days with regular use*.

Constantly striving to deliver the most cutting-edge formulas, L’Oréal advanced scientific laboratories, Recherche Avancée L’Oréal, have developed this new innovation for coloured hair, which will replace Bain Miroir 1, Bain Miroir 2, Lait Chroma Reflect and Masque Chrome Reflect. 


By looking closely at the science of colour perfection Kérastase has determined the three colour-defining properties which sit within Kérastase’s “Chromatic Pyramid”, a science inspired by the fragrance pyramid:

1) At the peak of the pyramid sits shine, which acts as the “top tone” of colour and is attacked by mechanical factors such as brushing and daily heat styling.

2) The “heart tone” which sits at the heart of the pyramid represents colour protection which can be damaged by colour oxidation due to UV rays and free radicals.

3) Finally the “bottom tone” that represents colour intensity is affected by repeated washes.

Chroma Captive’s advanced technology minimises the impact of these three damaging factors and helps to protect colour intensity for up to 40 days with regular use*. 

*Instrumental test Chroma Captive shampoo and Chroma Captive masque/conditioner.

TECHNOLOGY: SYSTÈME CAPTURE™ Kérastase’s ultimate in colour protection, this new innovative technology is protected by four patents and aims to minimise the impact of the three key causes of colour fade plus protect colour intensity for up to 40 days:

1. Linseed Oil: Shine
Repairs the hair structure and coats its surface for maximum fibre smoothness and shine.

2. UV Filter & Vitamin E: Protects
Protects the hair fibre from all oxidative external aggressions such as UV rays and free radicals.

3. Zinc Gluconate: Preserves Colour Intensity
Traps pigments deep within the hair shaft to stabilise colour and preserve its intensity.

The Range:

So yes, with this line I no longer have to fear coloring my hair. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of putting a bit of color on my mane really soon! :)


Kiss Kiss,
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