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Nivea is a brand that I love to bits. I use a variety of their line; - from skin care to lip balms. So guess how I reacted when I saw their package for me? Yep, I jumped with joy!

But the fun stuff doesn't end from that. Nivea goes organic and natural with their new line, Pure & Natural which promises to make the power of natural ingredients truly work for our skin. 

NIVEA Pure & Natural products use gentle and pure ingredients that respect your skin's nature so you don't have to worry about sensitivity problems and irritations that are known to be associated with some artificial and chemical ingredients. And on that note, this range is suitable for all skin types even to extra sensitive skin like mine. 

Inspired by nature, NIVEA Pure & Natural products draw 100 years of skin care expertise and commitment to the highest quality standard. This means that the Nivea Pure & Natural range offers a pleasant and affordable way of looking after ourselves naturally while doing our bit for the environment, while enjoying the highly effective care we all expect from Nivea. 

Detailed product reviews after the jump!

NIVEA Deo Pure & Natural action which contains powerful nature identical anti-bacterial active that ensures 24 hour intensive protection without clogging the pores, making it possible for the the skin to breathe naturally.

No aluminum salts
No parabens/presenvatives free
Doesn't clog pores
Doesn't stain clothes (black shirt friendly)
Dermatologically tested
Smells clean and fresh

I love these! They truly offer protection round the clock! The scent is not overpowering but last a really long time. They dry easily and very comfortable to wear. 

Available in: 25 ml roll on (Php 50.00)
50 ml roll on (Php 89.00)
40 ml stick (Php 155.00)
150 ml spray (Php170)

Next, we have the NIVEA Baby Pure & Natural Wipes which is 100% Biodegrable and 100% Flushable.

Moistened with organic chamomile to gently cleanse and soothe with the powder of nature. These wipes are based on natural cotton for the most gentle care. It doesn't contain any trace of alcohol, perfume and parabens. The scent is a little out of my alley, but tolerable. I sometimes use these wipes to freshen up after jogging or doing exercises at home and they work fine. The sheets are durable enough not to crumble which is a huge plus!

Available in 50pcs pack (Php 150.00)

  Over all, I love these new range from Nivea. It makes me happy that companies like Nivea gives us the option to still care for our bodies while still caring for Mother Nature. I salute Nivea for that! 

For more information, like Nivea Facebook page now. 


Until then.

Peace and Love!

*Products were provided for review purposes but this didn't affect the outcome of the review. Just my honest thoughts, as always!  

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