NARS Single Eye Shadow in Edie

11:28 AM

Nars Edie is a sheer cream eye shadow color that might look boring on the pan, but on the lids, it exudes just the right amount of shimmer to make the eyes pop and sparkle. It can work as a base, as an over all lid color, a highlight and even as a transitional color (especially in doing smokey eyes). If you find this shadow so sheer for your taste, use it on top of a base and watch it transform into something divine effortlessly. For that quick i-am-awake look, I just sweep this all over my lids, define my crease a little bit with a matte brown color and I am ready to hit the road. It's a quick easy step in still looking polished without putting so much effort. It's a little expensive for Php1150 a pop, but keep in mind that you are getting so much product that a pan can last you a lifetime (seriously!).

More pictures here:


And a quick swatch:


Until then.

Peace and Love!

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