Shimmian Aesthetic Center Partners With Creations By Lourd Ramos

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Imagine a place where you can step in and get a hair and skin makeover in one visit with only the best in the industry to cater your needs. Whoa, right?  Begin envisioning yor dream self as Shimmian Aesthetic Center partners up with one of the renowned salons in the cosmopolitan streets, Creations by Lourd Ramos, as they both fuse brilliant services in our local shores.

The founder of Shimmian, Dr. Levi John Lansangan, is a Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in Advanced Reconstructive Rhinoplasty and Facial Aesthetic Procedures Employing Facial Harmony. The aesthetic center he established, as a matter of fact, practices the same techniques of a renowned country wherein research and technology on nasal reconstruction have been on the advanced state and is the first to adopt rhinoplastic surgery to craft in precision the nasal anatomy, - South Korea. After his fellowship training in Seoul, he started a business of the first surgicenter in the Philippines in 2005 that offer Reconstructive Rhinoplasty using GORE-TEX technology with Cartilage Grafting.

Working among the nasal surgery masters for several years, Dr. Lansangan has developed a technique to deliver a safe, worry-free, and silicone-free noselift using GORE-TEX implant, an advanced FDA approved material for the repair or enhancement of the soft tissues of the facial area including nasal augmentation. When asked what made GORE-TEX a good implant material, Dr. Lansangan elucidates, "Healing with Gore-Tex is by incorporation. Unlike with silicone implant wherein the tissues simply encapsulate around the implant, Gore-Tex allows the surrounding tissues to grow within and through it thus eliminating material rejection, eventual nasal contractions and other complications."

Dr. Levi extended his expertise and attained skills because he knew for a fact that there was an unaddresses concern in the Filipino market. Interestingly, being known for giving facial & cosmetic surgery and anti-aging services, he himself performs the surgery to each and every patient he has to assure credibility and build trust.

Shimmian (shi-mi-en) means "a beauty that comes from the heart." With over 15 years of experience in crafting the ideal nasal profile for Asians, and mastered the art and science of it, Dr. Levi decided to embark on new journey together with the salon of Lourd Ramos in paying closer attention on what women have been searching for, aesthetics & salon in a one-stop shop. The powerful insight that the power duo uncovered goes a long way in determining unheard markets.

With the gradual shift of notions in society, there are emerging markets with interesting lifestyles and behaviors coming out little by little. Be it people from different walks of life, with numerous stories, thoughts, advocacies, and experiences to tell. He aims to cater realities that demand close attention like a perfect nose that will harmonize with the rest of the face because for many, DNA was not a gift form lady luck. Possessing such feature goes a long way from boosting person's confidence to going up the corporate ladder. All it takes is a clear and realistic personal objective, an open mind and professional help. Interesting but unanswered, Shimmian Aesthetic Center will definitely conform and address their concerns.

(with Lourd Ramos and Dr Levi Lansangan)

Visit them in Cedar Executive Bldg 1, Pasay Rd., Arnaiz Ave, Makati City. Tel # 8467500. Soon to open at the Ground Floor of Somerset Olympia Building Makati City.

You can also view before and after pics of patients who underwent nose surgery at;; or email Dr. Lavi Lansangan directly at; Facebook fan page Dr. Levi John Lansangan.

Shimmian Aesthetic Center have 3 branches personally attended by Dr. John Levi Lansangan:

Medical Plaza Ortigas
San Miguel Ave. Pasig City

Beauty and Wellness Section
2nd Floor, SM Pampanga
(045) 455-3613/09279690040

Beauty and Wellness Section
Basement Level, SM Southmall

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