Initial Food Tasting Review: Passion Cooks Catering & Event Styling

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Truth be told, I was not familiar with Passion Cooks until my Account Executive from The Glass Garden mentioned that they will soon be accredited with them. Naturally, my interest was piqued that I started stalking their Facebook page, googling about them and looking them up on various wedding online forums. I read a ton of good reviews, so I decided to contact them and book our initial food tasting with them.

Unlike other caterers who I inquired with (yes, you Juan Carlo), Passion Cooks replied quickly. Ms. Bonnie even emailed me their complete menu and asked me to reply with my chosen line up of food for our initial food tasting. Now, that was genius! No other caterer asked me to do that. #SuperAppreciated

So yeah, despite the distance from Quezon City, we didn't hesitate to drive all the way to their office at BF Homes, Paranaque to savor their delectable menu. We were greeted by  their Food Rating Supervisor, Mr. Sharlon Nacional. He gave us our rate sheets and then quickly proceeded with our food tasting.

First up, Oriental Salad with Crispy Catfish and Mango-Tomato Salsa

This salad definitely is worth all the hype. I like how when mixed together, it has just the right kick of saltiness (because of the catfish) and sweetness (because of the mango) to it. My fiance and I both enjoyed this salad.

Next up is the Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Oh boy, this is definitely the best soup that I've ever tasted. I love that it is rich without being too overpowering. My fiance loved this soup too.

Now for our appetizer, we had Bacon and Banana Rolls

This is another infamous dish from Passion Cooks. It's banana wrapped in bacon and drizzled with honey. I thought if was too sweet for an appetizer but my fiance loved this so much.

For our main dishes, we had Chicken and Ham Crepe. 

Another praise-filled dish from Passion Cooks. This is like their version of chicken cordon bleu. I like that it was really crispy and cheesy but I find this just okay. Although my fiance loved this so much.

Next is Apple and Prune Stuffed Pork

My fiance and I didn't like this dish at all. It was too sweet. I will definitely skip this and might just shift to a beef dish.

Next is their Baked Salmon

Definitely a winner! We both enjoyed this so much. I love how there is no trace of stench from the salmon and the cheese on top is heaven! 

For our pasta, I chose Spaghetti Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino. 

We didn't like this one. It was just too bland. The pasta was a bit overcooked too. Another dish that we will definitely change. 

Now, time for desserts. 

First up is  their Chocolate Lazy Cake. This is perhaps the most famous dessert from Passion Cooks. It is like a hard biscuit which Shanon said would be perfect with a cup of coffee. It is not too sweet too. Unfortunately, we both thought this as just okay.

Next is Panna Cotta with Caramel Sauce. My fiance chose this one because he loves caramel big time. I, on the other hand, not so. So imagine my surprise when I ended up liking this the most. I love that fact the panna cotta itself is not sweet. You need to swirl it with the caramel sauce on top to make it sweet without going overboard. Love this!

And last but not the least, Mango Cream Pie. My fiance loved this but I just find it ordinary. Will switch this to another dessert too.

So over all, I truly enjoyed our initial food tasting with Passion Cooks. We were the only couple during our appointment and we kinda felt special about that. The food that we chose were served right away. Unlike with K by Cunanan that we waited almost an hour for our food to be served. I also appreciated that the food was described by Mr. Shanon as they were being served to us. But I would appreciate more if they gave us the privacy to enjoy our food first.

We are now just waiting for their accreditation with our venue to push through. Once we get to see their partner rates with our venue, then we will decide. We had our initial food tasting with other caterers (Hizons, Josiah's, K by Cunanan and RichGold) and hands down their food was the best. Just two more food tasting to go (Bizu and Juan Carlo) and we will deliberate already. 

Edit: We ended up getting Passion Cooks as our caterer! We are still finalizing our final menu though. So to all Passion Cooks brides out there, help me out by commenting below (feedback, must-try dishes, etc), ayt?


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