Medi Herbs Papaya Plus Soap Natural Skin Whitener

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When a particular soap gets mentioned a gazillion times in various online threads as one of the best whitening soap in the market today, it (automatically) tickles my fancy. Meaning I cave in and gave Medi Herbs Papaya Plus soap a try. It may not be love-at-first-wash, but I really enjoyed using this soap that I've repurchased it a few times already since then (mind you, I even bought a couple of back ups).

  Description: "Pamper your skin with Medi Herbs Soap Papaya Plus, made from natural plant based oils with retatined glycerin, luxuriously added prime grade papaya extract to naturally soften, whiten and clarify the skin, making it more supple, smoother and younger looking."

Ingredients: Prime grade coconut oil, castor oil, lye water, AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), sweet orange scent, papaya extract and glutathione.

Truth be told, despite all the raves  that I read online about this particular bar soap, I kept my expectation to a minimum. I used it for the first time and find it just okay. As a matter of fact, I was a bit disappointed because the "sweet orange scent" that it claims doesn't linger after wash (Booh!). 

Also, this is definitely not the most moisturizing soap in beauty town. It may not strip my skin like most kojic soaps do, but I still find the need to apply my lotion afterwards in order for my skin to feel more comfortable.

But to my sublime surprise, this bar soap managed to dry up a big cystic pimple on my neck after just a few days of usage. I also noticed that my back looked smoother than ever. Add to that, the few insect bites that I have on my leg lightened remarkably after finishing my 3rd bar.

The best part? A bar  (150 grams) only costs Php32 and  it is readily available at all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. It doesn't melt easily as well. One bar lasts me around 3 weeks. Such a steal!

Over all, I really like this bar soap so much that I intend to continue using it religiously.  :)

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post. This soap is just really awesome that it deserves a BIG shout out! :)

How about you? Have you tried this soap already? 

Kiss Kiss,
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