Get Luscious Curls In Seconds With Babyliss Pro MiraCurl

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Ladies, gone are the days when we have to bear using a barrel wand to curl our hair and possibly incur a first degree burn in between. Enter Babyliss Pro MiraCurl - our hair's newest best friend in achieving beautiful, free flowing curls within 8 seconds by just one click. I was able to try it for myself and the results was insanely good! Seriously, this has been been a game changer in the hair styling world.

In an intimate gathering at Marriott Hotel, the team behind Babyliss Pro proved once again that they are at the forefront of innovation and technology for hair dressing with the launch of the "perfect curling machine" - MiraCurl.

MiraCurl is an amazing, high performance appliance that creates beautiful, long-lasting curls quickly and efforlessly and is ideal for use on mid-length and longer hair. 

MiraCurl - the world's most smart hair tool boasts its 5S features.

Self - Just one click for various wave
Safe - Unique ceramic curl chamber and audio beep indicator
Smart - Professional settings of 3 heat and timer settings and 3 curl direction control for various wave hair styling
Speed - Take 8 seconds only to form a beautiful free flowing curl
Shine - Unique ceramic curl chamber for smooth and shiny curl creation

3 Beautiful Steps:

1. Select a section of hair no more than 1.5" wide, hold the curl close to the top of the section, with the ceramic curl chamber facing towards the head.

2. Close handles and watch as the hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber.

3. Hold until 4 beeps signal the curl is ready. Open to release the MiraCurl.

The MiraCurl retails for Php9,995, but if you purchase through me, you get an exclusive 20% discount! This exclusive discount is not even offered in department stores, so if you're interested just message me below.

I've seen counterfeit versions of Babyliss and it just saddens me. Babyliss even demonstrated curling hair with a fake MiraCurl and the result is nothing compared to using the authentic one. Plus, y'all are guaranteed that your hair will not get damaged using an authentic MiraCurl. So don't fall for those cheap fake ones dolls!

Here'a a great tutorial from RachReviews!

  And here our mandatory mostly kulot group pic!

For more information, like Babyliss Pro Philippines on Facebook.


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