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I feel like I'm evolving, especially with my lipstick shade choices. Years ago, I would jump over shades that are anything bold and show-stopper. In short, the brighter, the better. But perhaps because of my career change, I tamed a little and decided to give my mid-tone pinks a roll. Realizing the possibility of wearing my delicate soft pinks more often than before (read:on a daily basis), I decided to pick another dainty lipstick that I've actually been eyeing for awhile. Say hello to Mac Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick.

Pink Pear Pop is described as a frosted mid-tonal pink. Don't let the word "frosted" unnerve you because this lipstick is definitely not frosted by all means. I'd say it's a sweet blue-toned watermelon pink infused with nano shimmers. It punches just the right amount of color on the lips - not too bright and not too muted as well. It's a great everyday pink lipstick that I could wear all day long.

Also, its cremesheen + pearl finish enables it to glide easily on the lips. The pigmentation is moderately great (buildable), while the lasting power is just fine. It doesn't suck up the moisture out of your lips. As a matter of fact, it has that consistency of a lip balm  (read:moisturizing) that makes is a joy to put on. On that note, despite its inability to stay put after a few drinks and bites, I have no issues with constantly reapplying it. 


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The only problem I have with cremesheens in general is that they tend to be a bit high maintenance to keep. You see, they are super soft and moisturizing that they have the propensity to melt a tad easier that other formulas. So make sure to apply them with extreme caution (a light hand would help), and never leave them inside your car (BIG no no!).

Here's Mac Pink Pearl Pop lipstick in action!

Mac Pink Pearl Pop lipstick is part of Mac permanent collection and is available at local Mac counters nationwide. Mac lipsticks retail for Php1,000 a pop.


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