Valentine's Day Gifts From My Boyfriend!

10:40 PM

Regardless of your relationship status, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day celebration with your loved ones. I spent half of that day at work and was just able to squeeze in a quick simple dinner with boyfie before midnight. Boyfie was super sweet enough to got me a few V-day gifts. Unfortunately, he didn't include a bouquet of flowers. He blames the long queue at every flower shop he went to, but really, he's one of the few men who find giving flowers (who wither after a day or two) impractical. Go figure!

Anyway, here are my V-day gifts from my loving boyfriend (who I super love as well)!

My fave; -brownies! 

FitFlop Lunnetta in Pale Bronze (which I've been lusting forever because it matches my Louis Vuitton speedy 30 bag in damier ebene canvas)

 And last but not the least, this Uniqlo UT Snoopy t-shirt! If you didn't know yet, I am a huge Snoopy fan since I was a kid. :)

And that's everything! Thanks again baby! Love you sooo much! :)

How about you? How did you spend your Valentine's? Do share!

Kiss Kiss,
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