Bobbi Brown's Make Up Lessons Treat!

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Learning how to do my own make up is a decision that I will never regret. Gathering all the basic things that I needed (make up and brushes) may be a bit tedious (and costly) at first, but believe me, it's worth the investment! Saying good bye to shedding out cash for make up appointments at salons is a HUGE relief.

Well, if you are new with the do-your-own-make-up department, better head over to your nearest Bobbi Brown counter because they are offering a special treat! Learn how to be your own make up artist; - the Bobbi Brown way!

Girls, we shouldn't stop with just hauling all the make up that we fit necessary for our beauty consumption. Above everything else, we need the skills to make sure that we brush all our make up spending onto the right spots. And what better way to hone our skills than to avail a one-on-one make up workshop, right?

Well, I gave the Bobbi Brown team at Rustan's Makati 45 minutes of my time and availed their Pretty Powerful Make Up Lesson. Thanks to Lani, my make up artist that day for doing a great job not just in prettifying my face, but also with explaining to me every detail of each step. Without her help, I might get lost in this make up paradise (read: Bobbi Brown cosmetic counter).

And to help me remember all the steps and products that were used on me, she listed everything (from skin care to my lip shade) on my face chart (which unfortunately got crumpled inside my bag). She also used products from the Desert Twilight Collection.

Thanks again to the Bobbi Brown team at Rustan's Makati for a wondeful experience. I really ended up feeling pretty powerful after the make over! :)

And here's my final look!

I love how Lani of Bobbi Brown matched my skin perfectly. I definitely looked more refresh and well-rested that my actual state (2hour sleep only). And even without a face primer, my make up stayed decently on my face even after a fun night of doing Zumba! I'm definitely putting their Skin Foundation in Sand, the Pale Pink blush and the Sandwash Pink lipstick in my wish list.

So if you are starting out with make up, shop at your nearest Bobbi Brown counter and avail their beauty lessons! For more information, visit Bobbi Brown Philippines on Facebook.

*5-Minute and 20-Minute lessons are complimentary. 45-Minute Lessons will be booked in advance with a Bobbi Brown senior make up artist with a minimum purchase requirement of Php5,000 redeemable in Bobbi Brown products.


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