Mac Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick

11:43 AM

Too afraid to wear a bold red lipstick? Or are you still looking for that "much wearable" red?
If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, better keep reading (and better try VG Cyndi)! :)

Mac Viva Glam Cyndi (LE) is a beautiful reddish, coral, raspberry color.  :)

Let me begin with these pictures:

Mac Viva Glam Cyndi is that kind of red that is sheer enough to be not too bold or overpowering for my skin tone, but provides enough color to brighten up my face. The formula is a lustre which makes it less intense and more wearable.  The color is buildable so this shade can be worn either day or night, depending on the look that you're going for. And ohh, I also love the fact that the proceeds go to a great cause! 

Here's a swatch:

And a quick snapshot of me wearing Cyndi:

See how it lifts my bare pale face? :)

So what do you think? Is this your perfect red lipstick? Let me know, ayt?

Until then.

Peace and Love!

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