Shipping From US To PH with Jinio by Xend + My US Beauty Haul

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Ever since I discovered the power of using freight forwarders, I have buried myself into online shopping - as in buried real deep. I no longer join pre orders and I stopped pestering my family and friends living abroad to buy stuff for me and oh boy, it was indeed very liberating. Good for my sense of self-esteem, bad for my wallet.

However, after having my package on hold by Customs for almost two weeks because of lack of documentation provided by the previous freight forwarder - MyMallBox (read my post HERE), I was on a hunt for a new shipping company. 

 So when I saw that my bank was offering a 15% off discount on shipping fee on Jinio, which is operated by Xend, it felt like an illuminating discovery. I have been using Xend to ship out my items for years and I never had a bad experience with them so I thought Jinio was worth checking out. Weeks after, I got my package already and a review to share.

First step, register. I signed up at and got my US address and phone number. 

Unlike myMallBox, Jinio requires its users to download and fill up an application form, scan it and forward it back to them. On top of that you need to upload a clear scanned copy of  (2) valid ID's and at least one of those ID's should bear your address. The address written on your ID may differ from your shipping address. Once your account is verified, you can just enter your preferred shipping address on your Jinio account.

Four days after I uploaded all the necessary requirements, my account was verified. Needless to say, I placed my orders immediately. Just a few notes though. 

1. Jinio's Rates

2. Jinio's warehouse is located in Connecticut so expect to pay 6.35% tax on top of your total amount. 

3. Jinio can also store packages for free for 3o days, so you can definitely stack on your shopping. After 30 days, a storage fee of 0.02$ per pound per day will apply.

4. They also offer free repacking and consolidation (they call it minification) to help lower the shipping cost. 

5. Insurance is free for the first US $100. 

5. To pay for your shipping fees, Jinio only accepts debit/credit card and paypal.

6. You have the option to pick up your package at the Xend Hub in Mandaluyong or have the packaged delivered straight at your doorstep for additional costs (additional 0.75$ per lb).

7. They can assist return/exchanges (but fees apply)

For more faqs, click HERE.

Now back to the review. For starters, I appreciate the very prompt acknowledgment of Jinio that they already received my package. They sent me emails every single time almost real time. They also take pictures of the contents of the packages at no extra cost. Here are some of the pics that I was taking about.

After a month of online shopping (free storage for 30 days), I finally decided to hit the check out button. I consolidated all my orders in one package and in doing so, I managed to save a ton!

Add to that, I paid with my RCBC credit card to avail the 15% discount that they are offering. My package weighed 11.7 lbs and the shipping fee was $71.88 but was reduced to $66.19 (Php3,528.10) after the discount was applied. I believe they also have a 15% discount for Security Bank, Eastwest and Unionbank.

Immediately after I made my payment, I got my online receipt and notification from Jinio with my tracking number as well.

I paid on Oct 21 and then I received a notification text from Jinio that my package was already available for pick up at their hub last Nov 8 (which was earlier than the excepted delivery date). The claiming process was just like a walk in the park. I think it took me just 10 minutes to get my package (I went around 6pm). Make sure to bring a valid id for verification purposes. I did not pay any additional fees as well.

My box came in a very good condition - no dents, watermarks or whatsoever. All the contents were generously enclosed with bubble wraps as well. I'm happy to report that there were no casualties (read:broken) inside my package. I thought that the size of the box was appropriate (not overly padded if you know what I mean) and that I was not overcharged.

I bought quite a bunch - mostly gifts and stocks for my online shop ( which I will not show here. But here are the items that I bought for myself.

Reveal time!

After building my Mac Eye Shadow Palette, I decided I want to make myself a blush palette next. Mac had a 15% sale back then so I went a little bit crazy.

And then I finally decided to try Tarte.

Picked up a few sets from Sephora too!

And a few things from Walgreens

Over all, I had a wonderful experience with Jinio. But do I think that there are still areas that Jinio should improve on? Absolutely. One thing is their tracking system (see status logs above). I'm not sure if I'm asking too much but I think the consumers will appreciate if the status updates everyday or every other day the most. I think seeing my package's status to documentation even for 5 straight days is better than no activity at all.

Also, it would be a dream if Jinio can also accept Bank Deposits or Remittance to pay for their shipping fees because not all have a credit card or have a paypal account.

Nonetheless, I highly suggest Jinio. Their customer service was superb as well. They answered all my inquiries promptly. They even emailed me when a sample from my package was missing and assisted me when I needed to exchange an order.  I love their service so much that I shipped a bunch of packages again to my Jinio address (expect another haul soon). Black Friday and Cyber Monday is just around the corner and it is definitely the best time to shop! Don't forget to shop through ebates to score rebates as well.

How about you? have you tried shipping through Jinio? Share your experiences below!

Till the next post!

Kiss Kiss,
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