Miss Earth 2014 Candidates Love Yoshinoya!

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If you have been following my Instagram account, you'd probably know by now how much I love dining at Yoshinoya. It's one of my go-to food chain when I want to devour on healthy and delicious Japanese food without breaking the bank. Thing is, even the Miss Earth 2014 Candidates love Yoshinoya as well!

But first, let me give you a brief background about Yoshinoya: Yoshinoya was born in 1899 under the ingenuity of its founder, a Japanese, named Eikichi Matsuda. Their story began in Nihonbashi, a humble fish market in Chuo0ku, Tokyo, on the outskirts of Edo Castle where Mr. Matsuda created a delicious recipe of beef and rice known as Gyudon (beef bowl). Named for his birthplace of Yoshino-Cho Osaka, Mr. Matsuda's restaurant featured delicious, affordable and fast meals. It was an entirely new concept in Japanese culture, and both the hard-working fisherman and market visitors embraced. Yoshinoya was an instant hit. In 1923, Japan was hit by the Great Kanto Earthquake and Yoshinoya had to move to Tsukiji with the rest of the fish market and throngs of hungry patrons continued to enjoy Yoshinoya's original gyudon or beef bowl.

In 1946, Mizuho Matsuda, son of Eikichi Matsuda, turned the business into a 24-hour restaurant and rapidly gained wide spread popularity in Japan. In 1958, it became a corporate company operating on a chain store system. Yoshinoya boasts of more than 100 years of tradition. Yoshinoya has grown to be one of the most important brands in Japan and boasts of more than 1,000 outlets, making it one of the biggest fast-food chains in Japan. To date, there are more than 1200 outlets around the world, namelt Japan, USA, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Soon, it will open in Thailand and Vietnam as part of its expansion program in the Asian Region. 

Yesterday, the Ms Earth 2014 candidates, together with media guesta and bloggers were all able to sample the exquisite food at Yoshinoya. Regular diners were also given the opportunity to have photo-op sessions with these lovely ladies. 

After having there sumptuous meals, the Ms Earth Candidates obliged in doing a quick runway walk while holding a Japanese paper umbrella. 

Group picture together with the candidates, media guests and my co-bloggers!

The Miss Earth 2014 Coronation Night will be held tonight, November 29. Who you do think will win the crown? 


Kiss Kiss,
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PS: Special thanks to Cha Sy of www.travelonshoestring.com for having me!

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