Pond's Inspires The Filipina, One #BeautifulStory At A Time

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In an intimate dinner held last July 10, 2014 at The Peninsula Manila, Pond's, the country's leading skin cae, together with today's most beautiful faces in the industry, unveiled an inspiring commitment to make every Filipina reach her maximum beauty potential, one #BeautifulStory at a time.

In this wonderful occasion, Pond's also reveals their newest Pond's girl. Joining the prestigious list of Pond's beautiful faces is no other than the talented Ms Toni Gonzaga and she also has a beautiful story to share. 

Toni Gonzaga's tale is one such example of an inspiring story of a true-to-life Pond's girl. The newest face on Pond's roster of beauties, Toni, shares her experience as she transformed from yesteryear's screaming fan and showbiz's resident funny girl to her now-status as a top actress, leading lady, and beauty icon. In a genuine account of her struggles and successes, Toni claims that she worked hard "to be beautiful on the inside and work on her beauty on the outside with Pond's. I discovered that things really could change. I could actually feel the difference." Her ultimate yet humble realization? That through it all and more importantly, with Pond's, she found that "may igaganda pa pala ako." She assures women that "if it can happen to me, then it can happen to other Filipinas, too." 

Fact is, all women, regardless of their status in life, have a beautiful story to tell. Similar themes resonate across the beautiful stories of other Pond's girls, whether celebrity or not. In each account, these women - paralleled with millions of others - were made much more comfortable in their own skin, much more confident because of their beautiful stories.

For newbies seeking to make their mark with an initial foray into the limelight, their Pond's beautiful story becomes an inspiring first chapter. Such is the case for showbiz darling Julia Barretto who seeks to make a name for herself beyond her renowned surname - much like young teens carving out their own paths. 

On the other hand, Jasmine Curtis-Smith found that with Pond's, she found the strength to step out form the shadows of her sister and finally sashay into a spotlight of her own.

The Pond's beautiful story also lives on for those who have embraced the wisdom of years and experience. For super mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer, she found that Pond's made motherhood the source of her beauty. 

For a timeless beauty like Charlene Gonzales, her Pond's beautiful story saw to it that her beauty didn't peak in yet youth. Instead, her beauty has progressed over time, making her even beautiful now.

The Pond's beautiful story is a dynamic for working women who find themselves at the peak of their careers as well. For instance, for Heart Evangelista, her Pond's beautiful story shook her out of her comfort zone, making her more than just the pretty face she's known to be. Now, she's a full-pledged beautiful woman - confident, comfortable, and proud.

Through Pond's meticulous science and expert skincare solutions, these women were able to reach their beauty potential and transform. Their transformations, in turn, ultimately made their entire lives more beautiful than they have ever imagined. Now, that's the Pond's promise.

Pond's urges all Filipinas out there to inspire the world with their own beautiful stories, as well. Listen to the beautiful stories of the Philippine's most beautiful faces by logging on to www.ponds.com.ph and use these stories as a jump-off to live out your own beautiful story and inspire others with your own tale. More pics from the event below.

Interesting enough that even a midst all our struggles, we still manage to emerge and bloom into our most beautiful state. I, for an example was hugely caught up by my insecurities in my younger years. But after learning to accept and love myself for the way I am, I become more confident in my own skin. I may not be tall enough or slim enough to be a movie star, but I still choose to see myself more beautiful than I have ever thought conceivable.

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So, how about you, what's your beautiful story?

Kiss Kiss,
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