An Afternoon With Snoe Beauty!

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It's not everyday that I get to indulge myself in discovering a Filipino skin and cosmetics line that is committed in serving the market with nothing but a wide range of effective products that will not just cater to everyone, but will definitely exceed customer expectations without being exorbitantly expensive. In a world where people judge others by how they look (sad but true), it is refreshing to know that we are blessed with an emerging brand ready to further armed us in reaching our fullest potential. Ladies and gents, I am referring to  Snoe Beauty.

Snoe is named after the only daughter of founder Jen Gerodias-Diaz, Justine Emmanuelle Diaz or Noe for short. When Noe was born, everyone who would see Noe would say that she is white as Snow. Hence, the name Snoe was born. Snoe Inc. was established on February 2010. Despite being considered as a fairly new player in the beauty and cosmetics market, Snoe offers a wide selection of  products (soaps, scrubs, lotions, creams, massage oils, shampoos, conditioners and so much more!) that will feed every skin need. 

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Snoe is also represented by the snow flake that symbolizes the uniqueness and diversity of each individual. This brand believes that everybody has their own special, inner beauty that is just waiting to be discovered and revamped using their innovative, provocative and cutting edge products. 

I will profoundly say that I am such a lucky girl because one afternoon, together with other bloggers, I was able to meet the people behind Snoe (and Noe herself), listen to the wonderful stories behind every Snoe product, sniff their delicious scents and see for myself how amazing their products are. They were also sweet to customize our loot bags with the products that best cater to our skin type. Here are the items that I got (and I am now enjoying).

Here is a quick rundown and my initial thoughts!

Snoe White beauty bars (Php129/150g) which have undergone the cold process of soap making (which is the best way, by the way) and infused with high-grade whitening ingredients (Kojic Acid, Singkamas extracts, Glutathione, etc), essential oils, fresh fruit and vegetables. These beauty bars are available in 12 unique variants to suit every individual beauty concern. I have been using the Bengkoang (Singkamas/Turnip) soap (on your far right) ever since I got it and I love how it makes my skin silky soft after every wash. 

Snoe White Milk Scrub (Php249/300 ml) which contains real milk to gently buff away rough and dry skin. Formulated with skin whitening ingredients and sea salt that helps reveal that bright and smooth skin. Seriously, this scrub feels absolutely nonabrasive and luxurious at the same time. It intensely made my skin feels lustrous while its delicious scent lingers onto it (plus my bathroom incredibly yummy smelling). The packaging is genius as well. I love that the plastic bottle came with a scoop inside making the whole process of getting the product a breeze. To sum  it up, I insanely love this scrub! (other variants: Maximum Strength Moringa and Exfoliating Oatmeal)

Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock SPF45 (Php179/100 ml) is definitely not your ordinary suncreen. It doesn't just protect the skin fom the harmful UV rays, but it also moisturizes and whitens the skin. Packed with strong whitening ingredients like Bengkoang (singkamas/turnip), glutathione and lycopene for a more potent whitening combination. I love that it is non-greasy, paraben-free and the best part (atleast for me), it smells absolutely fantastic (shocker for a sunblock)!

Snoe Glam Jam (Php119/6 grams) is a moisturizing and oh-so delectable lip and cheek stain!  Available in 4 yummy variants: Crush (Citrus Orange), Scarlet (Strawberry Red), Blush (Bubblegum Pink) and Goddess (Chocolate Brown). Goddess might look scary on the pot but on my cheeks it gives that sun kissed glow and on my lips, just the right my-lips-but-better attitude. It is quite sheer but definitely buildable.

Snoe Fizzy Clean Foam Hand Sanitizer (Php179/60 ml) is a fun alternative to traditional hand sanitizers. Its foamy, freshly-scented formula doesn't just eliminate germs, but it also keep the hands feeling clean, soft and silky-smooth. Available in three variants (Green Tea, Sky Mist and Cherry Pop).

Snoe BesoBalm (Php149) is not just your typical lip balm. Loaded with lip hydrating ingredients like Beeswax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and refreshing elements like Menthol and Peppermint, BesoBalm is definitely an ultimate beauty treat for your lips and breath. It plumps, soothes and freshens breath in a swipe! And unlike other pepperminty balms, the cooling effect of BesoBalm definitely stays decently on the lips. The people from Snoe are right, this tube is highly addictive! Will I recommend this? In an heart beat!

Snoe Handy Candy Lip Color  is the perfect accessory for beauty junkies on the go. This features a trio of pure candy colored lipstick shades (Bubblegum, Strawberry Shake & Milk Chocolate) in a convenient travel friendly pot with a key chain. I love that with this, I can change my lip color wherever and whenever I wish!

Overall, I love the Snoe Beauty line. Thanks again for inviting me! Now some fun pictures with my dearest blogger friends! 

with Argie

with Argie, Char, Dane and Martha 

with Kumi and Michelle

and with Aya (super nice to finally meet her in person!)

Curious about Snoe Beauty? Stalk them on Facebook (Snoe Beauty Inc) to browse their complete and wide selection of products or follow them on Twitter (@snoebeautyinc). Inquiries? Hit them with an email at Stay tuned also because their website ( will be live soon!

You can also visit them at:
Cinderella (GF Glorietta, Makati)
Festival Mall (GF Alabang, Muntinlupa)
Fashion Ave (2F SM Muntinlupa)
SM Valenzuela

Or reach them at:
0999-888-SNOE (7663)
0917-558-SNOE (7663)


Kiss Kiss,

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